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Douglass' European Journey (Flight Sim Career)


Douglass Tagg
Community Liaison
Today's flight takes us from EGNL to EGWI with a load full of vaccines. I remember @hayvis talking about some unvaccinated heathens in some desolate area, so I'm assuming this helps!

I didn't want to fly back north, but this mission allowed me to fly over the Lake District, which is something I've really wanted to see. The district is located in Cumbria and contains all the peaks over 3,000 m in elevation in England, including Scaffel Pike, the tallest mountain in England. On the flip side, it also contains the deepest and largest natural lakes in the country as well, Wastwater and Windmere.

The weather... doesn't look promising. I hope this doesn't turn out like my tour of the Highlands...

We got a nice view of Windmere, but I'm afraid this might be the best it will be for this trip. The weather looks like shit on the radar and that's a solid wall of grey!

The stunning Lake District!

Our turning point for the flight is the town of Ambleside. It seems like a great destination to use as a basecamp for touring the lake district. It's the starting point for several trailheads and also the launch point for "steamers," or ferries which will take you on a fine tour of the lakes. We're not stopping here today because there is nothing to see, but Douglass notes the alleged charms of the town for a future visit in another version of the sim.

Later we catch a glimpse of a memory of a lake... and the memory is fading:

The clouds part, as if on cue, as we begin to leave the lake district. We get one glimpse of Bassenthwaite Lake through this brief window!

The clouds dropped back in low as we turned on final approach.... uhhhh where is the runway? Looks like no lights on this one! Gonna have to trust the instruments!

There it is! Just like I always knew it would be! Ma'ass can unpucker now!


Douglass Tagg
Community Liaison
Today's flight takes us from EGWI to EGXE... Wigton to Leeming, with a load full of vaccines and some cell phones for profit!

Weather today is much nicer in England than in my version of the sim! That's a first!

Flying over Carlisle, I've been tempted to manage them in FM a few times!

Along the way we took a very slight detour to checkout the Hexhamshire Moors and the North Pennines. The bogs in Hexhamshire Moors don't look very inviting from the air, they are just kinda brown and gross looking! The darkest areas would be called blanket bog and the light brown areas are heathland.

The mining history of the area is also apparent from the air! It's interesting that this is all designated an "area of natural beauty," when so much of the landscape has been so imp[acted by human activities. The hills are all heavily scarred by mining activities.

Apparently sheep grazing and hay farming are also what caused the bogs and heathland to form in the first place. They disturbed the natural ground cover, exposing highly acidic soils that became the bogs and heathland. So again we see how human activities have shaped the landscape in this area. It's certainly a very unique looking landscape!

I almost forgot how nice it is to be able to see the runway from 10 miles out!


Douglass Tagg
Community Liaison
Next flight is a shady figure who mentioned something about firebombings! I have to fly him over the Manchester area at night and drop him off at regular Chester! @adchester because from whence he came!
EGXE to EGNR at night! Also carrying a load of fish!

I love the scenery of day flights, but sometimes a little claustrophobia is a nice change of pace! A dark and rainy night awaits us!

It's a dark and rainy night, but I think I can just see a faint glow of a fire in Manchester, leaving me wondering about my mysterious passenger! @chibob

Dropped down below the cloud deck and spotted what appears to be a school with an athletic facility!

Sprawl land between Manchester and Liverpool!

Liverpool John Lennon airport out the passenger side window!

Even though it was rainy, we still had good enough visibility to see the runway from over 5 miles out.

Final approach, I fly these "Instrument Landing" style even though I can see. 90 knots approach allows me more room for a go around if something doesn't look right. I almost went around on this one because it looks like there is a tree or building sticking up in the approach lights! Pretty good 15 knot swirling cross wind on this approach made it fun. You can see how the wind direction shifted dramatically between the two landing screenshots. Touched down with under 100fpm vertical speed to keep my firebomber happy with me.