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College Football Revamped


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Have any of you heard about the CFR mod for NCAA 14? Apparently it’s reconfigured a lot of the graphics and gamesmanship. I’ve began the process of downloading it to mod my NCAA 14 game.

The only real resource there is about it is from the discord servers. GitHub has some information about it too. Here’s the link: https://github.com/cfbrevamped/CFBR-Easy-Installer/blob/master/PS3/index.md

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heard of it. Looked into it a little to see if it could overcome a couple of my issues I’ve had which have been roadblocks in ASTrONAuT ReEnActment REVAMPED. Have dropped study of it a few months ago .

will listen into ur progress


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Install: when said and done, it takes about 3 hours between the addition of two programs, the ripping of the game from the disc, and then the install of the mod itself. That time will adjust on the faster side since I run work like this on a trog computer.

Directions: pretty easy to follow the step by step. To install HEN and multiMan, I did use DrMarios video from YouTube. HEN didn’t initially install for me but eventually did after the 2nd or 3rd try. The disc rip was easy. The mod also took a couple tries but worked.

The Mod Itself: I’ll call it as I see it - it takes the pig, and gives it some bright red lipstick. But that lipstick oh man, it’s nice. Any mention of EA is GONE. The interface is sharper. The stadiums look super nice. The uniforms (most of them) are updated or will be in future releases. I think the text could be a smidge bigger, but that’s the only gripe. The mod makers do note that it does NOT edit the gameplay itself - yet. Apparently that’s different coding they don’t know how to do.

In a nutshell - if you have the time, and want to eff off the EA brand, and like lipstick on a pig, then it’s worth the time to do the mod.