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College Baseball/Softball Thread


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I already don't care, but I might manage to care even less with this consolidation of talent. Remember when like Fresno State and Coastal won? that was cool

if it's all bama bangs and corn dogs and Gen 2 4runner driving ACC date rapists winning from here on out that's gonna suck for the people who do actually care, I think

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I really miss the old West Coast teams. Pepperdine, the DIRT BAGS, and other teams like that never failed to do some hidden ball trick or weird wheel play.

Little ol’ Clemson pulled the hidden ball trick in Regionals. Their coach BAKICH got thrown out in the Super Regional loss to UF after an extended tirade and pumping up the crowd on his way out.


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Yeah his player was gonna get thrown out for a bat flip and the umps got into some huge discussion about it and then he ended up getting tossed. It was bullshit during the game though bc umps in NCAA dont announce anything to the crowd. You just have to try to figure out wtf is going on or wait until after the game