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bruin228's NCAA 14 Dynasty

Discussion in 'Offline Dynasties' started by bruin228, Jul 4, 2017.

  1. bruin228

    bruin228 Madden Mobile Addict NCAA Moderator

    Midseason update:

    • We're at 4-2 (2-1) with losses on the road to Auburn and FAU.
    • We're 3-0 when we score 40+, 1-2 when we don't (USF managed to shit their pants enough for us to win with 28).
    • Speaking of USF shitting their pants, they entered the season as the only ranked C-USA team and conference favorites, but they're currently 3-3. WKU has filled their spot and is 6-0 and #16. Should be a great matchup at the end of the year if we can both maintain our current success.
    • Stockstill leads the country with 2343 passing yards. Has 19 TDs as well, but 8 INTs is a little too much halfway through the year.
    • The Stockstill-James connection is the best in the country, as James is second in the country with 698 receiving yards.
    • Top 10: OSU, UDub, OU, LSU, FSU, Michigan, Okie St, Clemson, Louisville, PSU. 12 unbeatens left (top 9 + WKU, Mizzou, and Pitt).
    • Justice Hill leads the Heisman race, with Derrius Guice and Tavien Feaster in 2nd and 3rd.
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