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A Vote for America -- The Buffalo Murricans Story

Favorite Buffalo Player of All time (of All time?

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The WBL Winter Meeting Committee would like to invite GM-Owner-Managers and their family and friends to the 117th WBL Winter Meetings in Buffalo, New York!

If you haven't seen Buffalo lately, you haven't seen Buffalo! Long known for its mild and temperate winters, we anticipate owners to have an enjoyable time walking around the intergalactic megacity. Known as a vibrant city with lots to see and discover, you can take a quick stroll around downtown or take the hover-train to the quant Buffalo suburbs of Manhattan, NYC.

While massively in debt, the City of Buffalo has a lot to show for it! This classic American city is undergoing a 22nd century renaissance that includes over $100 billion space credits in redevelopment, a revitalized waterfront and neighborhoods, burgeoning craft beer scene and new attractions, restaurants and hotels. That’s in addition to the classic American architecture (including several Frank Lloyd Wright buildings), world-renowned art scene and eponymous chicken wings that have always put the city on the map. And that map has grown, since folding most of the eastern megalopolis into Buffalo borders through growth, economic warfare, and armed annexation.

A joint collaboration between the Winter Committee Meeting, Minor League Baseball, World League Baseball and their affiliated parties will gather at the 118th annual meetings for a week filled with seminars and league and organizational meetings.

For six event-packed days, the host hotel will bring together front office personnel, trade show exhibitors and job seekers, all under one roof. Throughout the week, a number of notable events fill the agenda, including the Baseball Trade Show; the WBL Job Fair, presented by the ULG; the Banquet; the Bob Freitas Business Seminar & Workshop Series; the Awards Luncheon; and the Gala. This year, the Workshop Series will feature several interesting breakout sessions such as

This Draft Sucks, and other featured musings about the draft sucking Featuring the Riverboat Gambler


IOU Travis' Picks. How GM Doh waited until Mr. Manager had flossed and triple trolled him while he slept. Mr. Manager himself will be on the panel so that he can way in on how this event affected his life and moods.

Also featured will be a private showing of the brand new 30 for 30 feature film

ESPSim Presents 30 for 30: Savedog Millionaire
For years the all-time Saves leader has been barred from the Hall of GOATS. In this classic rags to riches story, we follow the story of Peder Nikklasson following his rejection by bickering manager-owners. Armed with a seemingly surefire GOAT resume, Peder sets down the path to vindication. Where does the path lead? Tune in to find out!

More information about the Buffalo story to come, but please enjoy our trip back through time to the 117th Winter Meetings with the help of Dublin GM Mr. Radpants!


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It normally doesn't rain in Buffalo. But then again, this wasn't a normal day.


By: Andreas Rocha

I hadn't drank in years. Then my boss comes back from his 'spiritual journey' and fires me before he enters the stratosphere. Then the memories came back. I felt a gigantic wave of inadequacy crushing over me. Sarah leaving me and taking the kids to the colony in Tranquility. Heh. "You'll never make it as a GM!" she yelled. It was a Camus. The book she threw that just barely whizzed past me. My daughters never forgave me for staying on Earth. Who knew the lunar colony would turn out so successful? I thought she was condemning them to death, and now I've got one daughter on Europa and another on Titan. I tried to call today but no answer, again.

I thought baseball could fill a hole in my heart. Turns out, it just made me realize how big that hole was. The triumph of finally reaching the peak of the sport was hollow. Perhaps that's what led to Istanbul's latest troubles. A subconcious recognition that I was too vile, that I didn't deserve it. The pressure kept coming for Compy. Ngoc was supposed to be the next ToGo. Braves the next Sabertooth. And hey, maybe they will be. But yesterday I was stripped of the chance to find out.

And so, I did what any jobless, down on his luck glory chaser would do. I headed to the metropolis of Buffalo. How my Grandfather would wallow in his grave knowing the city took over New York City. At first, I headed to the entertainment district. These Buffalonians knew how to brew. Then I decided to phone a friend.


YC: "Hey Carr, you hang around the big city during the offseason still?"

LC: "Do I ever!" LC coughs a bit "I'm up in the penthouse right now. Amazing view of Scorpio from this high. Why, you in town? Don't tell me the rumors are true."

YC: ...

LC: "I'll have none of that! Come on up! You know how the metro works here, right? Take the light train as high as you can go. I'll meet you in the sky lobby. Hows about an hour's time?"

YC: "Alright Carr. I suppose I've got nothing better to do."

LC: "Course you don't! There's nothing better than Buffalo at night!"

YC: "Is that so? In any event, I'll see you."


Carr was a big talker, but he was probably right. It was doing me no good to mope around the entertainment district. So I rode the light train up to the lobby of his building. I swear, this city's architecture is just egotistical. Buildings shouldn't go this high, and yet they do. This used to be an afterthought on a map, known more for a place to stop before heading to Niagara.

I found Carr in the sky-lobby, some 180 floors up. Above here were all penthouses, for the high rollers of the American Northeast. I thought the entire place gaudy and a bit suspect, but I figured I maybe just spent too much time in Istanbul which grew outwards, not upwards. Carr was sitting in a lounge chair, talking to a droid woman who was fawning all over him. "I was the mastermind behind Buffalo y'know." He slurred so much, the droid almost malfunctioned and asked him to repeat his statement.

"And look where he is now." I said non chalantly as I approached. "I thought you swore off of droid women, Carr." I said as I sat down.

Carr chuckled. "Sure, but they can't swear off me! This is a brilliant new age in Buffalo, Cane, and don't you forget it. You're telling me you don't find the lovely missus here gorgeous?"

"Call me old fashioned." I shrugged, waving over the waiter-bot to bring me a White Russian. "Now come on, don't tell me you brought me up here to hit on droids with you, Carr."

Acting appalled, Carr grabbed a hold of his droid mistress and comforted her. "Don't you worry. Ol' Cane here is still mad about that '48 series he lost."

The robots still hadn't mastered emotion, so Carr's little jab didn't phase the droid woman one bit. Course, it still stung me a bit. I tried to hide my hurt by changing the subject. "What do you want, Carr?"

"Relax, Cane. I'm helping a friend in need. If you want real women, I'll call up Ana and see if she's got any friends. We can have a nice candlelight dinner and talk about how rich and dignified we all are."

The droid, upon hearing this, slapped Carr and walked away. Maybe they had mastered emotion. I couldn't help but laugh.

"It's always about women with you, huh Carr? Aren't you getting a little old for philandering and candlelit dinners?"

"Like I said Cane, this is a new future. 65 is the new 35! Now then, what I really wanted to talk about..." Carr said, grabbing a wine bottle off a nearby server-bot and pouring himself a glass.

I shook my head and sighed, but I had nothing to lose by hearing him out.





TWINK Stadium
They called Boston a Wasteland. Naturally, that's where we were headed next.


In truth, Boston wasn't even Boston anymore. Like it's eternal rival New York, it found itself eventually swamped by a burgeoning metro area. The football Patriots, led by an uploaded consciousness of Bill Bellicheck, enjoyed decades of prosperity, until a cybernetic organ scandal led to their expulsion from the rapidly failing NFL. They would later move to nearby Worcester, unable to pay the rent in Boston, beginning a slow exodus out of Boston and into Worcester.

Of course, Worcester never became like Buffalo. Buffalo was in a prime position to dominate the Northeast US while still retaining old fans from NYC. Boston and it's sister city were becoming an afterthought. When Halifax got a WBL team of their own, Worcester-Boston shrugged and gave up hope. "If they don't want good old' fashioned Basten Basebawl, we don't want em!" they cried. And thus, Baseball was gone, and an entire state considered a Dead Zone for new technologies brought by the expansion of the WBL.

Or so we thought. As the story goes, there was a underground little league system. They wanted to cultivate the next Nomar Garciaparra. They even tried re-animating Ted Williams, but they were a bit early. But they did manage to teach some kids the game. In 2059, the league was discovered, and the offenders kicked out of the city. Where did they go? A perhaps even more obscure place. Delaware.

A young infielder by the name of Pepe Castro refined his game on the streets of Wilmington, getting a full ride to the nearby university. The people of Worcester-Boston watched as their prodigal son led the Blue Hens to 2nd place finishes in their division in 2 separate seasons. And thus, they decided to reinstate little league baseball. When Castro graduated, we knew we had to make him our pick. We never expected, however, the personality that comes from being the savior of a metropolis.





TWINK Stadium
"I'm the King of Worcester." "Oh yeah? Well I'm the King of Buffalo."


For the first time in almost 30 years, a Buffalo GM entered the city of Boston, er, Worcester, on official business. The Blue Barnacles were a short lived franchise; just two years in a transition between Bangkok and Buffalo while the stadium was being built. The team ran a loss of 44 Million dollars in their 2nd and final year, and left never to be seen again. The Bostonians were sad, but they chalked it up to just another loss among many. First the Sox, then the Patriots, and now the Blue Barnacles were becoming the Murricans and moving to hated Buffalo. Who could hate Buffalo?

Anyways, that was the picture I held in my hand. A 10 year old Pepe Castro, playing in the Worcester underground league. The Blue Barnacles against the Red Sox, the only two uniforms still circulating in the city's black markets. Whose uniform was Castro wearing? None other than our head scout, Bailey Gilleland's. Of course, even Thrillseeker will tell you his time in Boston wasn't swell. He was worth 0.1 WAR in his two seasons in Massachusetts, and the move to Buffalo sent his career on a much different path.

Still, it was a nice sign. Perhaps Castro was the second coming of a still alive Bailey Gilleland. Perhaps Boston-Worcester was finally ready to pick a side in the recent heated debate between Halifax, who were stinky Canadians cursed to never win a world series, and Buffalo, who left Boston and wallowed in mediocrity for the past twenty years. On second thought, maybe they're better off with neither team. Nevertheless, Lloyd and I made our way to Castro's coastside mansion in Boston, ready to strike a deal with him.



LC: "I hope we get this done quick. I want to try the local sauce with these wings I brought."

YC: "So that's what I was smelling the entire light-train ride. Don't you think if Worcester Sauce was good enough, they'd sell it in our paradise of a city?"

LC: "Yank, my friend. Your palate is unrefined, as is your taste in women. It's not all about the big city cuisine. Some true gems can be found out in the wilderness here."

YC: "This wasn't a wilderness twenty years ago. It still isn't. That's why they actually produced a baseball player worth visiting."

LC: "Of course, of course. I'm thrilled to bring along our new Northeastern super-star."

YC: "Just put those wings away, we don't want to insult him."

LC: "We should've brought some of my droid women along, that would've really impressed him."



LC: "Wow, some house. Almost up to par with the slums in Buffalo."

YC: "You just can't pass up an opportunity to talk up our city, huh?"

LC: "If I won't, who will? I'm just warming up here, Cane."



PC: "Well, if it isn't the President and GM of our friendly local Buffalo Murricans."

YC: "Pepe, it's an absolut-"

PC: "Yes, a real honor. I was surprised you two chose to draft me, given the history of our two cities. You know I had to play baseball in an underground facility for the first 14 years of my life?"

YC: "Er, well, yes, I..."

LC: "You must forgive my partner here, Pepe. He's still new to the American Northeast."

PC: "Aren't you the one who moved the team, Mr. Carr?"

LC: "Well, heheh, that of course was the owner..."

PC: "Look guys. I love the Buffalo history, I really do. I was two when you won your title against the guy standing next to you, but I remember the other playoff runs. But, I have a duty to the people of this city. I'm the King of Worcester to them."

LC: "Yeah? Well, I'm the King of Buffalo! And I need knights like you to conquer the other Kingdoms!"

YC: "Lloyd! This isn't a Fantasy VR Sim!"

PC: "What do you know of Kingdoms, Mr. Cane? Likely nothing, given you used to run a team named after a Sultanate!"


LC: "Look, King Pepe. Your people have been down and out, and that may or may not be my fault, but it isn't my fault, and if you sign with us, you can bring pride to your city again. You and Jose are the same age! You guys can run the middle of the field like Luong and Gilleland did for years to come! You can even bring pride to Delaware, wherever that is!"

PC: "I'd like to buy it, I really would. But why don't I just play indy ball for a year? I could catch the first flight to Dublin in the next draft."

YC: "Er, forgive me, your liege? I have something you might want to see."


PC: "Heh, this brings back the memories. Where'd you get this?"

YC: "The Thrillseeker himself dug it up. Said he'd like to see you in this again. Or, in a Buffalo version of it, or something."

PC: "It's getting late. You fellas want to head downtown and discuss this further?"

LC: "I thought you'd never ask! Say, what are your women like here?"

PC: "Let's put it this way; they're better in Delaware."

YC: "Sound just like Carr's type!"






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GAL-NET was developed in the 2030s as an integrated messaging and recording device worn as holographic glasses. The technology was later integrated to broadcast WBL games (and other TV shows) in the summer of 2038 by scientists in Cape Town, South Africa


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GAL-NET was developed in the 2030s as an integrated messaging and recording device worn as holographic glasses. The technology was later integrated to broadcast WBL games (and other TV shows) in the summer of 2038 by scientists in Cape Town, South Africa
Not in this sim it wasn't.


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{td=top|555x@}Charity Gala Fall - Lau Shaken Up
Friday, January 28th, 2067
As Tanner Lau, Buffalo Murricans' right fielder took the stage last night at the Golden Ballroom to accept an award for his good deeds, he took a tumble resulting in a scabbed up knee and a red face. Said Lau, "It was dark in there and I was excited I guess. Other than a scabbed up knee, the only thing hurt is my pride". Gala officials rushed to his aid but the 6' 3", 190 lbs lbs ballplayer laughed them off. "I'm okay, I'm okay", he said. As he got himself up and went to the mic he quipped, "Next time I come up on stage, I'll take an escalator".{/td}


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Just like my life and career path, this team has now officially destroyed it's future to enjoy the present


Shi-Lin Yi/Carona

some bums

Amazing Defense at all positions (save 1B, but I may move guys around), 4 amazing starters with a servicable 5th guy, lights out pen. Bottom of the order is still not great but Auguiano and Vreke bring some much needed life to the lineup, plus 2nd year for Mestnikov and Huff should be better. Now or never!


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i'm never triggered. The fact that you chase me into a Buffalo thread to TRY and trigger me shows me that you're basically constantly triggered.

Question, has Antas gotten the bukkake that the Bulls SPRAYED ON HIM cleaned off yet or is he starting the season on the DL?


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Wat? I was legitimately asking for your TL rankings since I think Buffalo is now a top 2 team in the TL.
damn i can't wait for the bulls to butt fuck Antas like the little baby goat bitch that he is and then go ATM on his jaws until a bukkake storm the size of Texas floods his throat and he chokes and dies on the mound