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2074 Draft

Mr. Radpants

Friendship Drive Charging
If only there were a draft website that could be accessed as easily as the Nutopia website. It would make these drafts move a lot quicker.


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If only.
Had something come up, on my way home now. Utopia was down last night and I didn’t know I was up, otherwise I would have drafted then.


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To be fair, you brought the attitude. I just provided information.
Not really. I take no responsibility for your and Madpants’ inability to decipher my facetiousness. If you’ll weren’t trying to troll every single post made we wouldn’t even be having this discussion.


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I know, but he was BPA and everyone else sucked, so I really didn’t have a choice. Now I do.
I need pitching, IF (-1B), C, and OF. Pretty much everything except 1B unless he’s 18-19.
Ok. Look at my org and let me know if any players fit. I got a couple catchers, some middle infielders, 3B and pitching. Might be short on OF.


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Swedes. Pretty much anyone else is negotiable, but some of my top pitching prospects may be spoken for.
I don't know if you're talking about the guys that are already in the majors, or pretty much all of them. I'm sure Murillo is on the list, but are Cortes and Penny as well? If so, how about your 1st next season (conditional of course)?