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2021 Offseason Thread.


NDSU doing what NDSU does in the playoffs. 42-20 win over Eastern Washington while running for 422 yards at 7.4 per run.


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Second round schedule (all games on sunday due to NFL draft)

Southern Illinois @ South Dakota State 9 pm (ET) ESPN2

Delaware @ Jacksonville St 3 pm (ET) ESPN3

North Dakota @ James Madison 6pm (ET) ESPN2

North Dakota State @ Sam Houston State 3 pm (ET) ESPN


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My earlier post seemed salty when I'm really not. It would be tough to pass up playing for your Dad. Hope he does well there.


Fan before they beat Wisconsin.

So blehhhhh, but I guess this means that they'll ask Isaiah Williams to switch positions or he'll be transferring.
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Fan before they beat Wisconsin.
It's tough because Bielema has exceeded expectations thus far and recruiting looks to be leagues ahead of whatever Lovie was doing(poaching the transfer portal bssically).

However Isaiah Williams has the potential to be a once in a great while type of talent. We have picked up two pocket QB's(Sitkowski and Donovan Leary) so it's pretty obvious what the staff is asking of their QB's.


Fan before they beat Wisconsin.
No offense but guy is offensive offensively
I'm not high on the pick up. He was pretty abysmal against us in...2018???? Hard to think he'll get much of a chance seeing as Donovan Leary looks pretty impressive and is likely Bielema's QB of the future after Peters and Williams(assuming he stays) are gone.

There's also incredibly talented QBs already waiting who are pocket passers to fit the offense but have athleticism as a bonus. My guess is this was maybe Sitkowski's only realy option left at this level?

Not really sure what the staff sees happening here.


Fan before they beat Wisconsin.
I just meant like most people I was not thrilled at the hire but he has a game plan and so far has been executing it pretty well. We are actually getting solid in-state prospects for the first time in as long as I can remember.

He's a 180 from Lovie whose approach is just not for the college game. I mean ffs Lovie is even on record as saying his defense doesn't work in college(does it work at all???). Oh and he even had a chance to hire someone who could coach college defenses and just promoted himself to DC... and fought with Rod Smith about who should play QB.

So yeah, I guess BB has exceeded expectations in that he hasn't lost 63-0 at home.