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2018-2109 LAME


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Gonna be the most FUN watching the Erzzzz in fucking forever.

Pressure on LeBron. This year gets a pass though.

Kareem. Magic. The Logo. Kobe. Shaq. 16 rings. Oscars. Jack. Bitches. Smoke. Drank. Heaters. Emmy's. Deuces. Riders. Westside Wilmas.

Welcome, LeBron.


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This is great.

If you find major-league baseball too stodgy or arcane, too targeted to the sensibilities of racist players and fans, the NBA is, it is always happy to remind you, right there as an alternative: a league centered on the expressiveness of black players that is in theory not pitched to white people dying of old age.
That's actually exactly what the NBA is. The fan experience, anyway, is completely targeted at old white dudes who have enough money to go sit in the 12th row and scream at opposing coaches and drop $80 on a new fleece or some shit.


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Suns fired their GM at the strangest time possible. Sure McDonough didn't have too many great moves during his tenure but if you go with a new GM you do it before the off-season starts...

The suns will not be any legitimate contender until Sarver no longer owns the team.


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Playing fantasy basketball for the first time in a long time.

PG: Chris Paul
SG: Harden
SF: Jayson Tatum
PF: LaMarcus Alridge
C: Deandre Ayton
G: Trey Burke
F: Kyle Kuzma
UTIL: Enes Kanter
UTIL: Jordan Clarkson
UTIL: Rudy Gay

Bench: Tim Hardaway Jr.
Bench: Montrzel Harrell
Bench: Jeremy Lin
God the Timberwolves are 10x more interesting now then last year when they were some bullshit 8th seed team.

I can’t wait to see Thibs get booed mercilessly every game and Jimmy go on a FUCK YOU @Travis7401 rampage until he is traded. This organization will be fun to watch burn to the ground.


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First game back from surgery with 7-5-2-4 and +9 in 23 min.

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