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Playbook/Scouting Reports


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We used to do this more often "in the old days" when things were more strict (and fun).


Offense - CPB with Navy as the base. Mix in some Wishbone and Wingbone.
Defense - 4-2-5 base/multiple.

Scouting report - Talent and speed everywhere. The offense is led by the Brakebush brothers, Tommy (QB) and Donnie (FB). Three WRs with sub 4.3 speed. The defense weak spot is at DT with inexperienced players due to graduation and the draft. The LB core and the Safeties are all fast with good block shedding. 93 OVR ROLB Joseline Rivas is the captain and is a 3 down LB.

Offense is predicated on attacking the defense between the tackles with big power backs, and using just enough passing to keep the defense honest. Defense is a bend, but don't break. Plays 7 to 8 guys in a soft zone and rarely blitz.


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Oklahoma State

Offence-Ohio State playbook with some pistol sets sprinkled in
Defence-3-3-5 base

Offensive Scouting Report-Powerful O-Line with a gunslinger at QB and plenty of speed on the outside. Will be led by the tri of Weldon at QB(4 year starter), Taylor at HB (97 speed, 96 acc), and Lee at WR.
Offence will have the ability to stretch the field when needed but will primarily rely on the hogs up front to control the game.

Defensive Scouting Report- Defensive Coordinator likes to gamble and will blitz on most plays to try and create 3rd and long.
Returning key starters at DT(Brandon Spicer), LB(Andy Johnson and Benny McLaughlin), and SS(David Smith). Weakness will be at FS with Fr(R) Darryl Williams seeing his first action and is the only non Jr/Sr starting on either side of the ball.


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Texas Tech

Offense - Missouri base with added bunch and tight sets.
Defense - Base 4-3 , 4-2-5 Nickel

Off. Scouting Report - Last year featured a power spread philosophy with the utilization of dominant tight ends. This years offense will resemble more of a traditional spread offense with an increase in 11 and 10 sets. The offense will remain slow paced with an emphasis on ball control.
Senior QB Khalid Kazmi controls the reigns again, and the offense will look to rely on his mobility to keep the chains moving. NFL scouts have compared Kazmi to WAS QB Alex Smith, noting his check-down frequency and ability to move in the pocket.

Def Scouting Report - Tech looks to sure up the run this year after getting thrashed on the ground by rival Oklahoma State. Relies on inducing mistakes from the offense with various combo blitzes and robber coverage.
The defense will be anchored by a pair of seniors in safety Javarious Rose and linebacker Kane Shugart. Rose piled up seven interceptions last year, and his top level athleticism adds a safety net to the DC's aggressive play style.
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Kansas State

Offense - custom Scott Frost playbook at UCF/Nebraska

Defense - Base defense is a 4-3 Under but with my recruiting woes at linebacker I’ve pieced together a 4-2-5 base Cover 3 and will likely run some odd front variations since my DT depth in low.

This year’s addition of the Kansas State Wildcat offense will have speedsters Jason Rodgers (QB) and Ben Mirvil (RB) act as a duo to the smaller quicker Wildcat offensive line that sees a lot of pulling action. Dart option, speed option, counter read option, QB wrap, inside zone, jet sweep(usually reserved for my WR3 in the slot), trap, midline option, motion triple option, inverted veer, counter, base, and my signature QB power play are all variations of my running game that causes opposing defenses adding plus 1s in the box(notably cover 1 and cover 3). With the defense respecting the run I ran a basic passing scheme designed to attacking the sidelines and shirt underneath routes. Bubble screens, flood, multiple variations of the drive passing concept, and variations of wheels and in’s round out the core passing scheme but I will throw in the usually verticals, stick, or smash if I see something in the defense.

The wildcat defense this year is based on a strong defensive line that plays read and react to the opposing offensive line man as a base defense usually out of an even front. The lack of depth at certain spots has put myself into just getting the best 11 on the field as opposed to fitting my old base 4-3 scheme. That scheme had a two high safety look with covers pressed that showed a variety of coverages to mask pre-snap. Cover 2, cover 2 man, cover 4, cover 6, cover 3 buzz, cover 2 sink are all base coverages but I lack depth at linebacker to run that defense. I usually match personnel when picking my base defense formation and determine play type based on situation and player tendencies.

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Offense- Clemson based spread motion playbook infused with power spread concepts from Utah playbook.
Run first spread team. Quick screens and tunnel screens also key to offensive performance. It all starts up front as this offense will almost always try and establish some sort of run game from either the RB or QB.

Defense- 4-3 Multiple
Aggressive style defense that will depend heavily on good man cover corners and rangy safeties. As well as quick twitch pass rushers.