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Official Cameron Brink appreciation thread (WNBA discussion)


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The merge works flawlessly though. As soon as we never needed to merge threads ever again, finally our forum software could actually do it.


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they're doing everything they can to self-sabotage lol. guess they don't want people watching the team USA games. she is gonna dominate the league really quickly. taurasi is 41 and averaging 17 a game.
I honestly feel like it's a nothing burger story that only exists because the media and the Caitlin stans are generally ignorant of who actually plays the sport. She's probably relieved to not have the scrutiny for a change and she'll actually get a break.


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The USA Basketball doesn't want Clark overshowering Diana Taurisi's farewell tour. Clark makes the team and all the media flock to her even if she only gets five minutes a game.

Honestly, USA Basketball can roll out it's 4th or 5th best women's team and they still roll everyone by 40 per game.
I watched the Seattle and Los Angeles game last night. L.A. is not great, but damn Seattle can ball.

I still cannot get over how tall and lanky Brink is.