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nUtopia's broke

Karl Hungus

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ma'wife paid her credit card bill and it was a number that credit cards shouldn't be allowed to get to so we're not temporarily rich anymore

My wife just upgraded to a new mountain bike, so I feel this. Can't complain thanks to my own kayak & funstick spending, but I feel it.


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So this was fucking weird. One of my browser plug-ins is an HTTPS thing that forces HTTPS where available. It warned me that Nutopia wasn't HTTPS compliant today, and when I told it to override, it took me here: http://utopiacollegesports.com/

(And now Firefox is having a meltdown over this site's cookies too).

So who put that video up?


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@Trickyd is going to be rebooting the idea of the forum with the new game. Still discussing what if any involvement we'll have.

And yeah - Nutopia is available without HTTPS for some reason. I can't remember why we left that but I'm too lazy to turn it off.

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What the actual heck? Now that I've looked at it this should be required reading for all of Nutopia

Mr. Radpants

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Haumiller gets trashed on like second 35 if you can make it that far

Was this @Trickyd or is this the remaining two thirds of @Fluff's ownership?

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I'm loving the early 2000s font all the high school girls wanted to write in on that website.

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Ha! That’s not me. I grabbed NcaaStrategies.com and utopiafootball.com when they expired and I do have a landing page on each.

I’d like to do something with a Web 3.0/decentralized approach to a forum when the game comes back. But I don’t have anything like the SportPlanet affiliation to get it going this time around. We’ll see. This medium may only be for us dinosaurs. The metas will swallow up the youngins

edit- I didn’t watch the entire thing the first time. Haha… based on when that went up they could just be trolling me. Or they have a far more realistic view of what EA is going to put out. Well done either way!
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