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NCAA Basketball And Clownzano Twitter Aggregation Thread

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Am I to infer that the winner of this tournament will be granted the technology of high antiquity to laser cut stones and levitate them

And that BAD BOY MOWERS has conspired to keep this technology hidden for millenia

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Creighton looks so bad every time Arizona goes on a run I’ve been surprised when they come back. It’s happened a half dozen times lol


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Can't way to see what they draw up... maybe an iso drive and throw it out of bounds? Or possibly a dribble for 6 seconds and throw up an off balance three with a hand in the face?


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Oregon State just lost to Portland State...for the second time this season lol

In the season’s first 20 days, the ACC has lost 11 games to teams outside of the traditional “high-major” designation (Power 5, Big East, AAC and Gonzaga). The Pac-12 has lost 17 such games. The Big Ten, on the other hand, had zero such losses before finally taking one last Monday, when Ohio State lost to a top-20 San Diego State team. The Big East and Big 12 each have three, while the SEC has seven.
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For real tho, I watched their game today because I had to and Arkansas seems really good. I can't tell if they are just dumb on defense, don't care, or if it was because they were playing San Jose State. The way they handled ball screens was awkward and led to easy buckets or open shots, they went over the screen but didn't really show. They did a soft show sometimes but mostly just hung back like the on ball defender should go under. Made no sense. Also the 2nd rotation on defense was slow.

Their offense could get wherever they wanted whenever they wanted. Again tho, SJSU.


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Dude was out of bounds and came back in. Can't be the first to touch the ball. The fix was in against Rutgers!. If I were Rutgers, I wouldn't take it. I'd leave the B1G for a conference with better refs.
That's not how that rule works. He has to establish himself as back in bounds before he touches it. Looked like he has a foot in before he catches it. Close though