• Hello Guest. We are upgrading the server's XenForo versions. This has to be done in stages. 1.5.18 ---> 1.5.23 ---> 2.0.0 ---> 2.0.12 ---> 2.1.0. I will likely upgrade each one and leave it for a day or so to see if there's any kinks. When moving from 1.x to 2.x, our add-ons will cease to work. Much of the functionality of said add-ons is now native within XenForo 2.x, so I don't think we'll miss much if anything. IF we are, we can try out new 2.x XF add-ons.

Header now scrolls with content


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For anyone not using TAP AS TALK, the header with the New posts button should now scroll. I'm not sure how I missed this setting to start with, although it is buried in the styles portion of the config instead of navigation options which is a bit odd. Anyway, this duplicates the functionality we had on XF 1.x so you should be able to get to New posts from any point in a thread.