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Dennis Erickson 1 Back Philosophy | Trojan Football Analysis

Discussion in 'NCAA Football Discussion' started by LEGEND, Oct 1, 2015.

  1. FSS

    FSS Member

    I think this is a really great article

    http://brophyfootball.blogspot.com/search/label/Dennis Erickson

    This part really stood out to me
    People talk about using the run to setup the pass and vice versa but to me this is actually showing you how it done. I like how everything he did from formations to passing concepts all led to one goal of running the ball. I am currently thinking of ways this apply in the video game world and how much I can use it.
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  2. Smashmouth

    Smashmouth Member

    Notre Dame
    I tinkered with a OB offense in the past. I didn’t really focus so much on the West Coast principles of the stretch/zone run game, but had more of a power running attack with more pulling lineman and option plays to use as constraints to the base running plays. I loved getting two backs that I could rotate and pound the rock with and then hit PA over the top.

    I used formations that all had 11 personnel in it so I could keep the same guys on the field, with Ace, SG and Pistol.

    One of my favorite “money” plays was out of Ace Slot. I don’t remember the exact name but it’s PA where the slot WR runs a seam and the TE runs a post I think.
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