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228 Ways to Lose -- The Fortaleza Sol Story

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TWINK Stadium
POSEIDONET User: HankEcanE Date: 10/20/2077E / 4/95/1N Location: Gates of Heaven Spaceport, Magallanes, Chile

Blog Entry #5
Title: Arrival

So, I guess this is Earth. I had heard the stories from Ma and some of the other researchers on Triton. About the forests, oceans, and beaches. The mountains, hills, and rivers. Well, Ma was right about the mountains. Though this South American nation of Chile was simply an average nation at the start of the Terran Millenium, it's mountains and southern location, coupled with a winter climate preferable to acclimating colonists from the Gas Giants have propelled Chile into a regional power. A joint effort Spaceport served as one of the main lunar expedition bases and allowed cities like Punta Arenas, my current location, to explode in population.

In truth, this bored me. I had seen enough of Ice to last a lifetime. Triton is an amazing satellite, and the ominous blue orb of Neptune in the skyline was captivating, but ultimately, I longed for the warmth I saw on other colonies, like Mars and Titan, themselves freezing compared to Terra. Just to breathe air on Earth takes 3 months of medical observation coming from the outer band, and those 3 months were the longest of my life, even longer than the journey to get here. Yet here I am, taking in the Torres del Paine in a hovercraft.

Ultimately, I am not here on Earth to check out mountains that, while beautiful, pale in comparison to the Ice Geysers of home. I'm here because Ma finally showed me a message from Grandpops. I can't pretend to know the full story as to why they don't talk, but she gave me her blessing to come to Earth. I miss her, but there's no place for me on Triton anymore. Not since Kara and her parents left a few Triton-Months back. I'm here on Earth to live the full Terran Human experience. Maybe get a robo-dog, go swimming in an ocean that isnt' frozen solid, and eat food that isn't lab grown. Some say the lab-grown stuff tastes better, but I'm still a couple Earth-Months away from making the switch. Oh, and lastly, of course, I'll be meeting Grandpops. I have questions about Baseball, questions that haven't gotten out of my head since watching Pop's team win the WBL Title a few years back. And maybe, just maybe, a few ideas of my own.



TWINK Stadium
POSEIDONET User: HankEcanE Date: 11/27/2077E / 4/130/1N Location: Morro Branco, Fortaleza, Ceara, Brazil

Blog Entry #9
Title: Orange

Ma was right. Grandpops can talk about baseball forever. I enjoyed my first Terran Thanksgiving with him, and despite growing up on a research facility orbiting the 8th planet from the Sun, it was the smallest Thanksgiving I've been a part of in my entire life. Just me, my Grandpops, and two twin brothers, named @bruin and @bruin228. Apparently, they are two of 228 fraternal siblings. Crazy in my Grandpops' time, but artificial wombs had helped humanity during the colonizations of Mars and the Jovian moons, so this wasn't as rare as one might think. I can only imagine what Ma would've had to deal with, taking care of 200 more of me.

I enjoyed Earth food for the first time. When Grandpops came to pick me up, he promised that my first time acclimating to Terran food would be on Thanksgiving. Of course, it was strange company. Grandpa Yankee dubbed it a "Meeting of former baseball minds". Apparently these two bruins were WBL GMs at one time too, though I had never really heard of them much. The conversation was fascinating. One of the brothers kept saying "hermanos", clearly a Terran phrase of affection, while the other spent his entire time arguing that baseball needed to add back in pitchers to offense, but to allow them to throw the ball instead of using a bat. I bet that could go really well on a low-grav planet like Mars.

Grandpops had just recently left the Buffalo Murricans in order to spent time with me. I felt for the guy, but it was clear his brain was locked into baseball, with not much else that excited him. We were spending time now in Fortaleza, Brazil, as I had mentioned my desire to see colors other than blue and white on this planet. A day spent at the beaches of Morro Branco was all I could've asked for. Beautiful orange cliffs and a great beach. I would need to spend time learning how to swim, but it was simply amazing to be out here experience Terra.

Of course, Grandpops wasn't only here to show me a bunch of rocks. He had a meeting to go to, a rich South American Investor and Asteroid Miner who had an offer for him. It wasn't until I saw the man approach me while I was well into my 4th Caipirinha, that I realized I was about to be pulled into my Grandfather's world. As long as I got to see more of this orange color, from the Sunset to the cliffs, I was willing to take anything into consideration.



Douglass Tagg
Community Liaison
Finally got around to figuring out what happened to the LRM and you leave me hanging? I guess you made it 3.9 paragraphs more than I did with my DOUGLASS fan fiction.