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2088 Season Thread - Let's Goooooo

Karl Hungus

Here to fix the cable
Let's give it a go. What's the worst that can happen?

Just reminded me @Karl Hungus - This guy is a bit like Vasquez. OSA seems to have lost track of him as a prospect since I switched him from 2nd to 1st (obviously) -

1B Juan 'Sneezy' Gracía #27
He'd need to be platooned, obviously. OOTP was trolling us for several versions by pumping out wheelchair-bound players with with 70+ gap power. A single off the wall is just as much of a single as a bloop past the SS.


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Challinor requesting a 30+ million SB. And i haven't even made an offer in like 3 sims. I love how MLFA has turned into the old style IFA.


THANK YOU Dermott McHeshi
Money has to go SOMEWHERE...

But I was doing the math. Either it's spend $35m on Challinor then get him 490k/490k/arb OR buy 2 vets with similar skill sets for 20m. What's the better choice?


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Oh, i'm not complaining, i've been doing the same thing. My point was that we should have just made IFA the old system instead of doing away with it altogether. So instead we're giving out 30+million dollar bonuses to fully developed duders


Douglass Tagg
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Anyone want to trade me a good young catcher or a catcher prospect? I have goat pitching prospects