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2021: Week 7 Thread - Peg


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I like your picture
I keep it with your letter
Done up in blueprint blue
It sure looks good on you
And when you smile for the camera
I know I'll love you better

Slamming through the season as WEEK 7 is on the horizon. Baseball will be heading into the Championship Series and guess what returns? That good FUN BELT on Tuesday. COLLEGE Gameday is heading back to Athens as the STOOPS led Kentucky Wildcats go inbetween the hedges against Georgia. How about Wilder-Fury? One for the ages. Also, Michael Myers is back. Halloween KILLS. Play that John Carpenter theme and rock out, my bros. I lift my cup to all of you!!!!

Notable Matchups:
Appalachian State at Louisiana, 4:30 PT - ESPN 2 (Tuesday)
California at #9 Oregon, 7:30 PT - ESPN (Friday)
UCF at #3 Cincinnati, 9:00 AM PT - ABC
#10 Michigan State at Indiana, 9:00 AM PT - FS1
#12 Oklahoma State at #25 Texas, 9:00 AM PT - FOX
#11 Kentucky at #1 Georgia, 12:30 PT - CBS
Purdue at #2 Iowa, 12:30 PT - ABC
TCU at #4 Oklahoma, 4:00 PT - ABC
#5 Alabama at Mississippi State, 4:00 PT - ESPN
#13 Ole Miss at Tennessee, 4:30 PT - SEC Network
#18 Arizona State at Utah, 7:00 PT - ESPN



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ASU started 5-1 in 2019 too. then lost 4 straight. in 2016 they were 5-1 and didn't win another game. this is what that PROGRUM does! oh they @utah next week? HMMMMMMMMM
U'TAH historically beats the living shit out of the PROGRUM due to size \ physicality. I'm a bit more optimistic this week than most years, our defense been solid AF, running game is better than it's been in my lifetime (not saying much, but for real got 3 legit backs + JD with a pretty good oline). If ASU starts slow I won't be feeling good, but if its even after the 1st I lean ASU


better living through misanthropy
yeah honestly they look pretty good and JAYDEN is playing extremely well.
was a HERMANO hater on the hire, I've been coming around just in time to watch him get booted at the end of this season (rumor is, done deal whole staff fired due to the recruiting stuff just waiting til the season is over, not sure I buy it but its a possibility for sure). They've really instilled a sense of FUN and HARD WORK WORK in the program. Will remember Jayden for always having a smile and checking in with his entire offense after every single drive as much as I'll remember the highlights. Shit sounds kind of stupid, but ASU football has been a miserable program for so long that it's just good to see players actually looking like they want to be there. If we keep CRUITING and developing players maybe we'll be a perennial top 20-25 team like we should be.

If the receivers start catching the fucking football ASU will be pretty damn good

Jordan McCloud is out for the season.

Pack it in, boys. Arizona will probably go winless this year. Shoot me now.
fuck off good sir! you know you're gonna get your only win by spoiling my rose bowl with a win in tempe!
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cal has looked lifeless outside of the tcu game. it is crazy how well wilcox has performed OOC vs pac-12 play.


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I don’t get it. Is he saying he’s smarter than Heupel? Or that Ole Miss is intellectually superior to Tennessee? Or wtf?


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I don’t get it. Is he saying he’s smarter than Heupel? Or that Ole Miss is intellectually superior to Tennessee? Or wtf?
Yeah, that he’s smarter with a more complex offense. Heupel’s offense is really simple and relies on going super fast and then developing a play action game to make the vertical passes possible. It’s why he sucks against superior defenses.


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i think they forgot BITCH jones is no longer the corch. @Renegade always just salty about former corches and has jilted ex-lover syndrome.
Actually, I hope Heupel does well. He took a giant shit on our recruiting, but I like watching him light up teams. Doesn’t change that his offense is ridiculously simple and struggles against legit defenses.


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Your defense gets a takeaway on the road against the #9 team around midfield with 16 seconds left with a chance to tie or take the lead at half and you call two (incomplete) screens and a draw

Ho Lee Fuk