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2021 MLB Thread


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He fucking mashes. The ball sounds different off his bat. His second AB he lasered a liner right to CF but he crushed it.


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Baddoo is a fucking beast.
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this man has a one minute montage of questionable calls in one game(i'll admit, some calls in this i agreed with him on...but very few). Absolutely the worst umpire in the majors.


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Does K-Zone or whatever account for how poor the camera angles are at some of these parks? It’s 2021, so probably, but I don’t trust it at all.
i don't either, and i vaguely remember us having an agreement on this topic before. However there are plenty of examples in that one video alone of him calling a pitch a strike when its further outside/inside than a pitch he previously called a ball. Like i said in my original post...there are calls included in this montage(though few) where I actually agree with Hernandez' call. However the amount of inconsistency and blatant horrid calling in just one game that this video presents is mind blowing, haha


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8 innings...14 k's, 0 walks, 1 run allowed by Degrom today.......takes the L. Mets only had 3 hits...Degrom had 1 of them. I don't understand why he doesn't request them to get rid of him because he deserves so much more support than the Mets give him year in and year out. But I respect him for it. Dude just goes out there and is the best pitcher in the league and doesn't make a fuss.


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why do we even have MLB replay...holy shit they just handed the Phillies the lead in the 9th inning when the runner never even touched the fucking plate