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Bring back Lynn SWANN!
Swann single handedly crippled the program for years by giving Helton a ridiculous extension. It's not as though numerous other schools or the NFL were trying to snap him up.

In any case, Meyer coming to USC is about as likely as the sun rising in the West.


Fan before they beat Wisconsin.
So unlikely but this would be incredible. Arlington Heights is my hometown and Soldier Field is ass. Anyone who thinks that wart is iconic can miss me with the widest arc imaginable.

Imagine having the smallest stadium and the third largest tv market. Then imagine it looking like a pimple mid pop. That's Soldier Field. Turn it into a museum, bulldoze it, whatever. The Bears deserve better.



Fan before they beat Wisconsin.
Maybe the Chicago Bears should stay in Chicago

Novel idea, I know
I mean there's one NFL team in the state. Do Bears fans south of Cook County stop being fans because they're not explicitly in Chicago? I don't get the attachment to it. At one point they were called the Decatur Staleys, shit changes.

I think they should attempt to stay in the city, but I think a move is better than a lot of people want to admit. Particularly if the team is going to be sold.