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2018 BAKER HoF Thread


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Brees still a lizard doe

my biggest knock against brees is how much of a pawn he is for the military. I felt like he was one of the white voices black athletes were looking to hear from about the "kneeling" shit, but he made sure to not get involved.

I thought out of a lot of people, he would be the one to understand and help convey the message that kneeling was never about the flag, but he just stayed quiet and its rubbed me the wrong way ever since. I have no doubt he is a great teammate and all of that, but at this point in his career, taking a stance to support kneeling would've put him in a higher regard with me...idk


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The way TESS and Witten drooled over him was very unsettling, especially over what he said to his kids. Yeah, that didn't come across as mic'd up posturing at all.


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Just think about how different college football would be if Miami wasn't stupid. If they hadn't failed him on his physical, he would have gone to Saban and Saban would likely have never gone to Bammer.


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Not sure what the fuck he was thinking. I’ve never in my life seen someone sell a diamond for more than they paid for it, exception for those diamonds that are in museums. He’d have been better off buying cryptocurrency, ffs.

I wish I could be a financial advisor for athletes, just so I could give them a 5 minute blank fucking stare when they come to me with retarded ideas like this.
So nutopia can no longer attack his arm so now we are critcizing Brees for being scammed by a Jew...eler and not being THE ONLY WHITE player to join a Black Lives Matter protest

He's the best QB of all time and it's unskeletally debatable now

Eat shit I'm out


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He bought Wembley a while ago.

This rumor was started by an ex-employee of Fulham lol. No connection with the Jags

Just no chance it happens. Colts, Texans, and Titans will never vote for it - or whoever the reorganized division would be. There’s a reason the game is combined with a bye week.

Any aggressive owner will vote it down too since you basically hand over the European market to the Jags.


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Too bad their backups are so lol worthy.

Barkley is awesome, but as erryone told them when they drafted him, you can't win in this league with a good rb and no qb.


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Houston’s gonna be tied for first literally due to 6 other teams being completely inept and aren’t 5-1 because they might the most inept out of the entire group.