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2018 BAKER HoF Thread


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Unless your [Error: User has been triggered by Twitter and this bitchy post has been removed for the rest of our sanity.] takes show me clips of PewDiePie at the London games, I'm not interested.


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Nice to see Fouts doesn't even know the rule for a pass beyond the LOS.

He says, "it's not where his legs are, it's where the ball is."

Actually it's the exact opposite of what you said, Dan. If any part of his body is behind the LOS, it's legal.


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@NML, I believe @Hooblaa must be thinking that Bottles is not that good because he is an Oviedo Lion, a school which never beat the Astronaut War Eagles in 5 meetings from 1972 to 1976. However, whats missing from this are 3 key facts 1) BOttles didn't Quarterback those Oviedo teams---he wasn't even born! 2) Collinsoworth Quarterbacked 3 of those war eagle wins ---How could oviedo overcome this!?!?! and finally 3) BOTTLES IS A UCF KNIGHT!!!!