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  1. GR8 2 B FL G8R

    15th Annual Chris Benoit Madden Tournament

    This game made Benoit kill his whole family Tourney rules: Leave dogs in the enclosed pool area. Leave garage side door open.
  2. GR8 2 B FL G8R

    MUT Thread

    Anyone still play this horrible game? They have roped me in by creating a 95 ovr, 98 spd, 87 str, 94 acc, 98 thp Taysom Hill Draft Promo card
  3. GR8 2 B FL G8R

    Bama Has Always Been Controlled by the Nazis

    This is an excerpt from a Salon article on Hunter S Thompson at the 68 Chicago Democratic Convention When the Alabama delegation, led by infamous seventy-one-year-old Birmingham segregationist Bull Connor, nominated the football coach Bear Bryant for president, Thompson started bellowing down...
  4. GR8 2 B FL G8R

    We Have a New NCAA

    https://www.saturdaydownsouth.com/florida-football/ncaa-football-florida-gators-ohio-state-ea-sports-buckeyes-mod-series-2019/ Basically they modded Madden 19 Dynasty when
  5. GR8 2 B FL G8R

    Southpaw Gon' Look G8R vs Tenn game thread

    I will probably be incoherent in this thread.
  6. GR8 2 B FL G8R

    oOTP Entire Jose Canseco Clone Team

    Someone on Reddit did this and I thought of you lonely cunts
  7. GR8 2 B FL G8R

    2017 NFL Draft Prospects

    Who do y'all want y'all's teams to take? I want the Saints to take the Gr8 White HB Hope Christian McCaffrey. He will play the Reggie Bush/Sproles role in our number 1 offense. Despite leading the NFL in offensive numbers for the past few years, our offense has missed the screen game...
  8. GR8 2 B FL G8R

    G8Rs @ Tenn...1 in a row

    We beat these creamsicle faggots every one of the last 11 yrs. 11 yrs ago, I was still in Gainesville. 12 in a row today?
  9. GR8 2 B FL G8R

    Happy madden oliday

    2 oktoberfests deep bout to light up a moonrock
  10. GR8 2 B FL G8R

    Southpaw gon' cook 2nd Annual Chris Benoit Madden Tournament

    Tourney is double elimination on Ps4 h2h Winner gets a Kevin Sullivan Murdered Benoit conspiracy theory essay Sign up here here with your psn Rules can be found in the rule tab here Daddyleagues.com/melby
  11. GR8 2 B FL G8R

    have yall tried madden CFNM?

    Its a lot like old dynasties on NCAA. 1. You have something similar to recruiting called scouting. You look at attributes for college players you draft. 2. There is the community feeling we had in dynasties. 3. If anyone can keep the NCAA series alive in some form its Utopia...I know...
  12. GR8 2 B FL G8R

    The Annexation of Seattle Dynasty

    I have the Seahawks in a Madden league I joined in da East Lobby. I am pretty sure I am the only whiteyc devil in the league. I am dismantling the team, much to the chagrin of my beautiful opaque Madden brothers. In this thread I will detail the journey. I only ask that you grant me creative...
  13. GR8 2 B FL G8R

    G8Rs vs Jawga 330 est CBS

    Dont look now but we are up 14 7. Kelvin Taylor just had a 38 yd run which was the longest run of his career, the longest run in the last 3 yrs of FL football, and the longest play against Georgia this season. He is doing this in Jacksonville where his father and G8R GR8 Fred Taylor spent his...
  14. GR8 2 B FL G8R

    LSU @ Florida 730 est SECN

    Go Gata. We get the Tigas in da Swamp today for a night game. Cant believe its not on CBS. Fuck the Illuminati branch behind the SECN.
  15. GR8 2 B FL G8R

    #2 Auburn @ #3 Miss State 430 est CBS

    This is a great game. Dan Mullens team went up 21.0 in the first and has only scored 1 td since. Auburn brought it to 20 to 28, and now Miss State is looking to go for it on 4th and 8, just out of fg range.
  16. GR8 2 B FL G8R

    Daddy at Miss State now on espn

    Hey fuck fluffs title requirements first n foremost n then fuck his bitch n the fsu clique he claim. G8r side when we ride come equipped w game. This game is awesome. I love seeing daddy go down in flame s n I love dan mullen because he is a former g8r corch.
  17. GR8 2 B FL G8R

    Southpaw Gon' Look Florida at Tennessee 12 pm eastern 10.4.14

    Might as well start this thread nao. I thought this was supposed to be the 3rd Saturday in September. The Reptilians by 7.