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  1. hayvis

    hayvis gonna hammer into these shit for brains EURO 2021 or is it 2020, who fucking knows. Where Ingerlish dreams will finally come true. Or not

    Thought I'd get this up early before any other skank could post up a shittier uningerlish version. WHO'S WITH ME ROOTING FOR INGERLAND!!!!???
  2. hayvis


    The game is base balls, the year is 2091.
  3. hayvis

    Hayvis' Stella Street Sims 4 Dynasty

    Ok. So I've decided to use the Sims 4 to embark on a recreation of the spirit of the classic British TV comedy Stella Street. This won't be an exact representation. Hell I don't even know what the fuck I'm really doing, and at this stage am completely disorganised, as when I found out you could...
  4. hayvis

    Logos thread

    @Orlando @fignuts @Yankee151 @Karl Hungus @OU11 - The league seems to have lost a whole load of its logos, so I thought it might be an idea to open up a thread to keep logo stuff in one place and share what we can find and what we've made for the league. I will make a note of what I've got and...
  5. hayvis

    It's time for the most exciting game of the season

    @fignuts @Karl Hungus @Travis7401 @kella @fignuts @Yankee151 @jdlikewhoa @Orlando @Mr. Radpants @bruin228 @goblue96 @doh @Soonerfan09 @Wolfman21 @Rutgers Mike @TonyGin&Juice This ain't the playoffs, IT'S THE PLAYINS BABBY - LIVE sometime soon - ON NUTOPIA. Who's your pick - Is it Mayor...
  6. hayvis

    Tijuana Brass (The folklore surrounding the relocation of Paris Freedom)

    Once upon a time, On a dark and stormy night, A great big fucking monster ate Paris Freedom, And then he had about 11 pints of lager, And then he walked to Tijuana to buy drugs and did a great big massive vomit. And that's how Paris Freedom became - TIJUANA BRASS The End.
  7. hayvis

    Ronald McDonald and how I fell in love with the ashes of Trump's America - The Paris Freedom Story.

    Welcome to the official Paris Freedom car crash thread. Hayvis McDavis born 2051, Boston UK, a used car salesman made his fortune before the age of 22. His love of cars made in the General Motors factories in America had given him a passion for state-side culture and with $3b dollars in his...
  8. hayvis

    ICC Cricket World Cup

    This thread is going to be a massive happening, I just know it. Ingerland 7/4 favourites to win it all on their home turf. @NML needs to get on the case and look at those betting stats for what is probably the most heavily corrupt sport on the planet. Ingerland are getting off to a good start...
  9. hayvis

    Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games

    Are these even pro athletes? This competition is really low rent sports entertainment. Turrible tv.