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  1. pavel

    2021 Weekly Threads Playlist

    Just had this idea. It kinda works as a collection now that there are a handful of songs in there. Thanks to @bruin for curating Will update accordingly…
  2. pavel

    Do you have 55 minutes a day?

    Play vidya http://nutopiasports.com/forum/index.php?threads/mlb-the-quarantine-league.3079/
  3. pavel

    1978-2020 KOBE

    Boys, I was out in the spa just reflecting on things from today, and figured this formative event in most of our lives deserved it's own thread. I'm sure the NBA thread would do a decent job of containing the posts that are sure to come, but at the same time, this loss needs space. Space for...
  4. pavel

    The Reading Rainbows

    Ima need a logo
  5. pavel

    PES 2016 (ps4, this is not slovenia)

    After probably 1000 seasons games over the last five years, endless puber fuckery, and a thoroughly enjoyable turkeys experience, whenever yankee was offline, I was on an amazon bender and picked this up. Stay tuned for my impressions. Or don't.
  6. pavel

    CFB playoffs thread, presented by Segway

    Get them in now before the rankings in no order fsu bama oregon notre dame
  7. pavel

    Utopia Turkeys Boot Room (ps4) RIP pro clubs

    ...or whatever the fuck they call a locker room. In.
  8. pavel

    What are some good POM sports to try?

    now that England finished level on points with international powerhouse Iran, what will their supporters do with their time? Rugby? Cricket? Wimbledon? Wobblies? Pip-Pip-Peroo? Help me find @chibob something else to talk about so he can feel involved in sport...
  9. pavel

    World Cup Group D (England, Costa, Urgay, Italy)

    I think this has roots a Millwall chant (seems like all good UK punk is West Ham or Millwall), but I love it @hayvis, @chi-bob. Also this: anyway, I await the fatalist musings of the england guys. Go nuts