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  1. BasinBictory

    2021-22 Club Soccer (UCL, EL, Libertadores, CCL & Domestic Leagues)

    Were you not watching the NBA circa February of 2012? All the shit I remember growing up with and more!
  2. BasinBictory

    Conference Extirpation Thread 2.0

    It's all inbreeding. Maybe WVU really should go to the SEC.
  3. BasinBictory

    Conference Extirpation Thread 2.0

    With the overall decline of interest in football, what we see in So Cal, at least - is that the talent is getting more and more concentrated in either the private schools which can recruit (Mater Dei, St. John Bosco, J Serra, Serra, Orange Lutheran, Oaks Christian, etc.) or those public schools...
  4. BasinBictory

    Conference Extirpation Thread 2.0

    I thought messicans liked footbaw? Hereabouts there are many high schools that likewise have 80+% Hispanic populations, but they generally don't have issues fielding a footbaw team. To be sure, very few of them are going to play college football, but that doesn't seem to deter them. But Petros...
  5. BasinBictory

    Conference Extirpation Thread 2.0

    Immigrants, specifically those from countries that don't produce 300-pound brawny mofos that can run a 4.5 40, but instead produce spelling bee Champs and software engineers, or alternatively immigrants from countries who look up to a 5-7, 135 pound Argentinian as the pinnacle of athleticism in...
  6. BasinBictory

    Conference Extirpation Thread 2.0

    Well shit, the majority of CFB fan sites are the same.
  7. BasinBictory

    Conference Extirpation Thread 2.0

    And @TonyGin&Juice has worked glory holes in them all, so perhaps he has a better perspective on the pulse of American sports fans.
  8. BasinBictory

    Conference Extirpation Thread 2.0

    According to CFB fan sites, it's because of Communism, wokeness, George Floyd, Democrats, and too many damn futbol-playing furriners.
  9. BasinBictory

    Olympic shit and pissing show

    Sheesh. 3-on-3 basketball, skateboarding (wonder if they drug tested these dudes) in the Olympics? Maybe by Los Angeles 2028, we can have Red Light Green Light, Dodgeball, and Smear the (LGBTQ) approved as medal sports.
  10. BasinBictory

    Conference Extirpation Thread 2.0

    Cal and Stanford have always been nerd schools, and UCLA was so-so, but definitely became one over the last generation. SC used to be more similar to a Southern university- essentially a rich white kids' party and network school with a good footbaw team. However, over the last 30 or so years...
  11. BasinBictory

    Conference Extirpation Thread 2.0

    The Pac already sold out when they took Utah and Lolorado, which never made sense in the first place to me to me. In a football sense, there's really only one fanbase, maybe two in the whole Pac that actually cares about footbaw, and the USC administration seems to be angling more and more...
  12. BasinBictory

    2021 Offseason Thread.

    Well, if you're IU now, how will people tell you apart from Indiana, which also calls itself IU? Oh yeah, one of them has a winning football team. :trollface:
  13. BasinBictory

    SMALL BALLERS GON LOOK 20/21 Association SZN - 75 years

    Any day Chris Paul loses is a good day.
  14. BasinBictory

    MMA Thread

    Eh - he's a heel and he embraces it. Even in defeat he's more interesting (and will make more money in any subsequent fights) from all the people reveling in the schadenfreude from him getting his ass kicked than if he were just another regular fighter saying boring things at the press conference.
  15. BasinBictory

    2020 HEINEKEN