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  1. BasinBictory

    Week 13 Thread - Revel in the Electric Rivalries

    Excited for the traditional B1G matchup between UM and anOSU, the Apple Cup looks interesting, and USC will get assraped by another Kelly this week. Lol @ @Irishman for thinking USC is "dangerous." The only danger is that Helton will be given an extension until 2045.
  2. BasinBictory

    Sarknado II - USC Trojans 2015 season.

    I know it's only Sark's second year, and this is most assuredly fan hyperbole, but I do think this is a make-or-break season for Sark's Trojans and will determine the overall direction and climate of his program in the next several years. Last year was a good, but not great season. USC went...
  3. BasinBictory

    Sarknado! USC 2014 season

    USC enters a new era with head coach Steve Sarkisian in 2014. 2013 was a year of upheaval for the Trojans, as they appeared headed for disaster under coach Lane Kiffin, who heroically guided the Trojans to a home moral victory against the mighty Paladins of the Palouse. However, Coach Kiffin was...