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  1. Travis7401

    Douglass' European Journey (Flight Sim Career)

    I'm starting a new parallel career that will follow Douglass in his Cessna 172 from the tip of Iceland down through the UK and then into mainland Europe. I started in "Sandbox Mode" which gives me $1,000,000 and all the qualifications and access to missions (I already ground my way up from mail...
  2. Travis7401

    Summer Solstice Bush Trip (Interactive Utopia Adventures!)

    A Summer Solstice Bush Trip Taking advantage of the longest day of the year, we will tour some amazing sites in the western United States, starting in the southwest corner of Wyoming and flying generally south/southwest through the Utah and Colorado to see how many National Parks we can see...
  3. Travis7401

    Flight Sim 2020 - River Adventures

    I'm making a thread to document my Flight Sim river adventures. With no career mode available at launch, I decided to combine THE SIM with my day job and tour and explore some great rivers! I'll add some nerdy notes about river geomorphology and I also hope to learn a lot with my parallel...
  4. Travis7401

    SMALL BALLERS GON LOOK [FM20] Mr. Manager Unemployment Dynasty

    After being laid off from his engineering jerb for refusing to eat burritos in the kitchen with the rest of the staff, Mr. Manager began applying for open managerial positions in the footballing world. Cambridge Untied in League 2 is the starting place for Mr. Manager's "sweeping and...
  5. Travis7401


    Here is a link to the draft site that isn't live yet, so nobody complains later. Eventually it will be live and you can use this link. http://utopia.allsimbaseball9.com/cgi-bin/ootpou.pl?page=draftPicks I have also included a poll to see if you'll want to do a live draft first round again or...
  6. Travis7401

    Lets Remember Some WBL Drafts 2070!

    I think 2069 was a good place to start the draft recaps, since I believe that was the first post ROIDS season? Lets go ahead and recap the 2070 draft and work our way forward from there! I don't have a #SPREADSHEET for this one, so I won't be able to tell ya'll how stupid my scout is (Douglass...
  7. Travis7401

    2069 Draft Revisited!

    I wanted to do a WHERE ARE THEY NOW comparison for an older draft, but for some reason the 2069 Draft was the last time I made a draft spreadsheet! I should note that I think this was the first post wooly draft and it therefore had higher than average talent, as there were several players that...
  8. Travis7401

    FUT TROG 20!

    Same Shit Different Year! Actually pretty impressed that they made the Web App work this year!
  9. Travis7401

    RIFT WALKERS (Into the Breach)

    So I've been playing this game called Into the Breach lately. It won a bunch of best game awards back in 2018 and it was recommended to me by my good buddy @osick87. It's a turn-based tactical game that is like a really simple and tiny version of XCOM. Each procedural generated battlefield...
  10. Travis7401


    DRAFT SITE FOR U LAZY BUMS http://utopia.allsimbaseball9.com/cgi-bin/ootpou.pl?page=draftPicks LIVE DRAFT FOR ROUND ONE STARTS EXACTLY AT 7PM EASTERN TIME ON SUNDAY! SHOW UP IN THE UTOPIA DISCORD FOR LIVE CHAT WITH SEXY TRAVIS! 5 MINUTE PICK TIMER! If you can't attend, please either make a...
  11. Travis7401

    Awards/Superlatives Thread

    I think it is time we have one of these to post the official WIZARD AWARDS, along with any unofficial WIZARD AWARDS we make up. I will work on getting all the 2079 Superlatives in here and would love help keeping up with it in the future! To start us off, here are Award Wizards going back...
  12. Travis7401


    I actually spent a lot of time evaluating this draft to increase my immersion. I know we're killing the league, so none of this matters, but I figure I'll give some draft analysis anyway! Pick 1 : Semuwemba Subano @Yankee151 - Well he's the best bat in the draft and he's already got a good...
  13. Travis7401

    [FM18] Mr. Manager Time Travels to FC Köln, Drinks Kölsch

    Mr. Manager decided to become a 5th dimensional simulation overlord and take control of FC Köln during the 2017-2018 season, in order to help them avoid the relegation that happened in the Donald Trump/Blake Bortles/@NML winning version of the simulation. In this version of the sim, Koln came...
  14. Travis7401

    [FM17] Mr. Manager Napoli Vidya Dynasty

    He's back, he's orange, and he went to Napoli on vacation this summer! MR. MANAGER HIRED AS NAPOLI MANAGER! Mr. Manager on vacation in Napoli shortly before being located and hired on the spot by Napoli ownership. The likeness is perfect, but Mr. Manager has traded his pink unicorn...
  15. Travis7401

    Space Foxes - Whiskey Play Stellaris

    This thread is for WHISKEY PLAY! Watch at ur own risk, boring AF.
  16. Travis7401

    2060 Draft Thread!

    OSA SPREADSHEET TROG TOOL SENT. http://utopia.allsimbaseball9.com/cgi-bin/ootpou.pl?page=draft
  17. Travis7401

    FUT TROG 17

    @chibob this is where we post our trog stuff. After I finish with the porto-geese, I'm going to try this trog squad
  18. Travis7401

    XCOM2 Interactive Dynasty

    I'm staring a new Utopia interactive dynasty for XCOM2. I'd like to make all characters Utopians so chime in if you'd like to play! I'll be re-making the guys from last dynasty to start. I believe everyone starts as a rookie so we'll probably have time to figure out classes and all that...
  19. Travis7401

    2059 Draft Thread

    The Draft Pool is out. I sent the SPREADSHEET WARRIOR draft sheet that you can all ignore because you never make lists anyway. http://utopia.allsimbaseball9.com/cgi-bin/ootpou.pl?page=draft
  20. Travis7401

    Travis7401's 2058 Top Prospect Thread

    I hate the OSA prospect ratings because they are worthless and it makes it hard to find players I might want to trade for. I created a positional balanced list of 50 batter prospects from A to AAA age 25 or younger (tried to take the best 5 players from each position and then added an the next...