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  1. Dr. Shats Basoon

    EA College Football (NCAA Football returns!)

    The game, and this forum, are on the way up folks. Get in on the ground floor
  2. Dr. Shats Basoon

    Pick a new team thread

    ~~~~Thread under construction~~~~
  3. Dr. Shats Basoon

    College football 2019 bad

    Welcome to 2019 were the game of football causes broke brains and other disability so Americans can have an excuse to drink poison and yell at their Television. A grand spectacle and economic boom for everyone involved*.nThis thread is dedicated to making fun of this garbage sport for idiot...
  4. Dr. Shats Basoon

    Post ITT everytime you lol at normies watching football in TYOOL 2018

    Reasons to not watch football: -Causes brain worms in everyone who plays it -Breeds a culture of rampant sexual assault Reasons to watch football Thanks for reading, here's what people are saying about threads created by Shats!
  5. Dr. Shats Basoon

    Week 8 Thread Presented by Nebraskamentalhealth.com

    Nebraska got a bye week to prep for the Choo Choo trains. Good luck everynody
  6. Dr. Shats Basoon

    Week 7

    http://collegefootball.ap.org/poll ASSOCIATED PRESS TOP 25 1. Ohio State 2. Baylor 3. TCU 4. Utah 5. Clemson 6. LSU 7. Michigan State 8. Florida 9. Texas A&M 10. Alabama 11. Florida State 12. Michigan 13. Ole Miss 14. Notre Dame 15. Stanford 16. Oklahoma State 17. Iowa 18. UCLA 19. Oklahoma 20...
  7. Dr. Shats Basoon

    College Football Offseason Thread Presented by Joe Mixon's Punch-Out!!

    The college football season finale was one for the ages. Urban Meyer silenced the critics who said Ohio State did not belong, Jameis Winston outdid himself yet again, and a little Moke from the sunny island of Oahu won college football's greatest individual honor. For some there was glory; most...
  8. Dr. Shats Basoon

    Sugar Bowl

    I will join hands with Stalin to defeat Hitler. Go Bucks