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  1. doh

    New League?

    So I've sent a few PM's and IMO it seems like the best forward is a new league. This one has gotten stale. Moving the files from 20 to 21 seems like a headache for Karl. We could try to CRUIT some new teams. We could also have less teams in the league. If we contract in the current format...
  2. doh

    New Playoff Format

    PROPOSED NEW FORMAT: First round (best of 3): 6v3, 5v4 Divisional round (best of 5): (6v3) v 2 / (5v4) v 1 LCS/World Series rounds still best of 7 OK so this is the "issue" with all of the things that are being discussed that I've been talking about. Should we change the playoff system? I...
  3. doh

    2073 Hot Stove

    With Rad's quitting of Winter Meetings.... what is everyone looking for? Needs: 3B, SP, RP Have: extra picks, extra CF Players I'm looking to move: LH CF Simon Bessent (gr8 defensive CF, 2.3 WAR last year arb est. $1.2m)...
  4. doh

    2066-67 Off-Season

    At Rad's request... thread started before Winter Meetings.
  5. doh

    2063: Where Players Come From

    Before I did top 25 by WAR, this time I'll do 50. I tried to find the old threads on this (circa Nov '15 IIRC) but I couldn't :laughing: If someone better at search could, that'd be cool to see. I believe in the old, I did "big IFA" at above $1m bonus. I'm upping that to $2m because in...
  6. doh

    2055-56 Off-Season

    I'm looking for SP, OF, C. I have budget space, some decent younger MIF prospects to trade. Very much willing to take on horrible contracts for decent players with my $80m in space and no IFA this year. Would like to 85-88 games this year. Will need to significantly upgrade SP, get 1-2...
  7. doh

    2052 Hot Stove

    OK boys let's get some trades going.... Anyone into Jabiri? I'll send him away very, very cheap before he hits FA.
  8. doh

    2049 Season Thread

    While the rest of the league is sleeping and I'm up because I drank too many Mr. Pibb's at lunch... the pre-season Dowher Rankings: 1. Helsingborg -- I've seen them as the most complete team the last three or so seasons and think they still are going into this year. Lost Brittian and Carrillo...
  9. doh

    2048-49 Hot Stove (FREE AGENCY IS OPEN)

    Per usual, my team blows the playoffs and I start this thread. Need: RH C, 1B, DH, LF, LH specialist Willing to deal SP. Everyone but Cliff Jackson is on the block including Raul Torres. 2B/SS/3B Walter Seguin, SS Skeeter Chong (.390 OBP), Numan Farid are all out there and aval. UTIL IF...
  10. doh


    I'm willing to deal the fourth overall pick... Thinking with the new extension demands and how I structure my team I might have to just go all in this year. Looking for: Catcher (prefer RH hitter) Dominant RP LH specialist Wiling to trade: One of Hong Hong, Dean Juarez, Numan Farid (all...
  11. doh

    2046-47 Hot Stove (CUT ROSTERS DOWN TO 25)

    I'm already talking with teams on trades... post here what you want, who you are willing to move, etc. I'd like an ace RP, younger/cheaper players, and two more hitters at any positions except C, 2B, LF, RF. Also a lefty masher or two. I'm willing to move if the price is right: DH Mason...
  12. doh

    Where Players come from...

    Last year I did it by WAR, since I can't by WAR search I'll do it by VORP this year. Looking at the top 25 pitchers and hitters and where they came from. I tried search but couldn't find my post from last season. Could someone help a brother out? That's why I'm starting this thread because...
  13. doh

    2042 Hot Stove

    Off-Season Trade/Fodder... Players I'll try to shop during the off-season: CL Richard Townsend -- Good closer signed for two more years with a TO 3B/1B Hersek Eretegun -- Above average 3B offensively and defensively OF Michele Bucci -- good v LHP and great defensively in LF SP Bin Azhar --...
  14. doh

    Traded Picks Thread

    2056 Istanbul 1st to North Dakota (via Buffalo) Kabul 1st to Las Vegas False Bay 1st to Helsingborg (via North Dakota) Miami 1st to Lisbon ------------------------------------------ Helsingborg 2nd to Berlin (via Buffalo) Istanbul 2nd to Buffalo Dublin 2nd to Buffalo False Bay 2nd to Dublin (via...
  15. doh

    Makin' it rain: Las Vegas Pacmen

    Now I have a better grip on my team I've decided to go with a team thread. Overall I'm pretty happy with my team and the direction it's in. No one is slated to make more than 7M next year and I have a couple more nice role players due up to join my team next year. I've got a nice core of...
  16. doh

    2040 Off-Season Thread (ARBITRATION NEEDS TO BE DONE)

    I don't have the format because punk ass fluffy won't let us access the old forums so here is what I want: Win now (I never rebuild) Looking for : one SP (want LHP), one RP, Catcher (lefty masher), 1B/DH LH hitter, CF or LF, SS, LH hitters in general Excess of: SP, RP I'll have about $25m in...
  17. doh

    Sunday Conversation

    Well I've decided to rip off the Reel Report with a WBL Sunday Conversation. A la Sportscenter back in the day, I think I'll do a Sunday weekly conversation with a WBL Owner. Who wants to be the first guest with Doh Firestone? Again this is a rip off of the Reel Report.
  18. doh

    Trade Wars Discussion

    I need to dump Phu as dead salary on my team. Trade for him and you will get prospect/picks. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10wKK35VMecNqK7GiH4GkFvfJDdXhLmTq8qFeDucW484/edit?usp=sharing
  19. doh

    2038-39 Winter Meetings

    Can't copy/paste same format… basically just post what you are looking for and people on the block. I am looking for hitters at C, SS, any OF. I have a lot of surplus pitching Also want to win now.