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  1. NML

    From the Ashes, a CAW Will Rise: The Return of Pro Clerbs

    bump de bump de dump like a train babby While the turkeys haven't really taken the field in 2+ years, there are a handful of us who have stayed in touch and tried to get in a game or two here and there. However, there's been some discussion about trying to bring back the TURKEYS on a more...
  2. NML

    [FM20] Coronavirus Journeyman

    As I am WFH for the foreseeable future, and have been playing FM on my second monitor almost always, I figure I'd start a thread here as I begin a new challenge. I've done journeyman saves before so to keep it fresh, I'm going to try some new house rules: 1 - I won't start in England. 90% of my...
  3. NML

    Intro to NCAA 14

    Alright so I bought an NCAA game for the first time since 2011, and I’m almost completely lost. I’m pretty sure I had 2012 for PS3, but that’s probably the only new gen version I played. And the only NCAA I’ve played in the past eight years is 06/07 on an emulator, so I’m way behind. I’ve got...
  4. NML

    New Player Guide: Tips and Tricks for the WBL

    Today I’m starting a four-part series to introduce a new player to the WBL. This first section is very basic, and so someone familiar with baseball and OOTP probably won’t get much out of it. I’ve added some bolded “glossary” terms so if there’s something specific you aren’t sure of, you can...
  5. NML

    New League Discussion

    I want to start by saying I hope everyone remains open-minded about the possibility of the new league. I feel like the response has been overwhelming positive so far, and I do think this can work to keep everyone happy, add some new players in a way that they'll enjoy the league and stick...
  6. NML

    2020 EPL Thread

    Hazard to Madrid for a fuck ton Please lawd let Sarri stay because it’ll be perfect for Pulisic Will Arsenal or ManU get any better? Will Spurs celebrate fourth place again? Will chibob come back and pay me?
  7. NML

    [FM18] Fun with Tactics

    One issue I’ve always had with football manager is just watching the game and not actively managing, hoping that the tactic I created and team built around that prevails. It tends to work well, but the middle of the season gets really tedious. So I decided to do something new this time. Here...
  8. NML

    FIFA 19 Starzzz Tournament

    Leggo Players: Somewhere between 6 and 12 Format: Group stage, then knockout Team selection: 3.5 stars or less Reference: https://www.fifaindex.com/teams/?stars=3.5&order_by=overallrating&order=desc Not sure how many we will have, but we will do random draw for draft order and groups. Group...
  9. NML

    2072 Off Season Thread

    I need a first baseman and a third baseman
  10. NML

    [FM18] Journeyman

    So after seeing you'll have all the fun, I decided to bite the bullet and buy the first FM I have since 2013, snagging 18 for $17. I've decided to do a journeyman save, slightly different from my normal club building stuff. Super simple rules and set up: Four countries: USA, Ireland, Scotland...
  11. NML

    2069 Contraction Draft

    LEGGO Order: Dublin Istanbul Little Rock Miami Kabul North Dakota False Bay UK Lisbon Seoul Cairo Helsingborg Buffalo Amsterdam Las Vegas Moscow @Orlando - are we saying four rounds? That’s a total of 72 players, seems like more than enough. Time limit?
  12. NML

    Vote on next step

    Vote on ur preference. Draft would mean all players under contract for BA/Fax starting next season would be available to select in a draft based on reverse order of the standings. Delete means those players get early retirement. Others are self explanatory
  13. NML

    2017-18 NBA Thread

    LEGGO Haven’t followed the last few months closely but here’s my predictions East Celtics Cavs Wizards Raptors Bucks Hornets Heat 76ers West Warriors Houston Spurs OKC TWolves Blazers Clippers Pelicans Cavs in 7 over C’s GS in 5 over Rockets GS sweeps Leonard gets MVP Tatum for ROY
  14. NML

    2068 Off-Season Thread

    LEGGO BOYS I won't be doing much wheeling and dealing, but I would move Fernando Ramos - he's a DH/1B/not even a corner OF, but he seems to finally be finding his bat. Just now 25. A third round pick is all I'm looking for and I'm sure he'll rake for you. YOUP is going to be a GOAT and will...
  15. NML

    Pro Clubs '18

    whos getting the game this year? A couple notable additions to this mode are having up to three preset builds for ur player that you can switch between in lobby - no more backing all the way out through those slow ass menus every time we need to move people around. Also, you can now set who...
  16. NML

    UK Rebuild Thread

    So I've been wanting to try something for a while, and since we've been under-performing this year, I've started sending off pieces in order to start our rebuild. I wanted to make a thread to track our progress. There's a few bullet points of what I'm attempting to do: 1) triple the baseline...
  17. NML

    FUT TROG 18

    One month from today until I'll have 18 (because I'm a TROG and am paying to get it three days early) and probably around three weeks until the web app will go live and the sperging can begin! The beginning of the FUT season is so much better than the latter parts. Grinding to get an 82 overall...
  18. NML

    Power Rankings

    Just as a way to get some immersion up, thought I'd throw together a power rankings list as of now. Feel free to disagree or make ur own list or make the case for ur team to be higher. Here we go 1) Halifax - despite a couple losses, this is the team that broke the win record by six games and...
  19. NML

    NML's Texas State, NCAA 07 Dynasty

    I had the other thread in the NCAA threads, but since this area has taken back off, I'll start a new one here. I've done a couple of seasons with this version and I feel like I've got my sliders and restrictions pretty much where I want them and I'm getting good results. The reason for the...
  20. NML

    Restarting/Increasing Immersion

    First off, consider this a proposal to tear it down and build it back up. That's why there's a poll. I give a few options because I also want this to be a thread where we can discussing ways to improve the league even if this isn't the route to do it. Also, to be clear, by restarting the league...