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  1. Schauwn

    FM21 - Jersey Shore

    With the release of the full English leagues, down to level 10, I thought I'd start my annual run of taking someone at/near the bottom and seeing how far I can get them before I get fired, or tired. This year I decided to start with the...Jersey Bulls. This little team is located in Jersey...
  2. Schauwn

    Schauwn's FM 18 Journey

    While I look for a download of the real logos and fixtures, does anyone have a suggestion of teams that might be fun to start with? I generally prefer doing some kind of non-league to legend type start, working my way up. In FM 17 I started a bunch of saves in the Vanarama North/South, and a...
  3. Schauwn

    Schauwn's NCAA 14 Dynasty (Take 2)

    Alright, I think I found some sliders that are a bit more challenging, though the first game results don.t speak to that. I'm going to try and use the mod tool on the OS forum and create a 4-team (6 or 8?) playoff, with anyone that wants to participate as the "Playoff Committee". I'll post...
  4. Schauwn

    Little Rock Fire Sale

    Come and get them while I'm not attached. Obviously the team needs a bit of a rebuild, so I'm willing to part with anyone that is 24 or older as of now. Looking for future pieces that will allow me to be competitive in 3-5 years, so draft picks and prospects. I'm also willing to take on...
  5. Schauwn

    Schauwn's Relegation Football Dynasty

    And so it begins... I've decided to play as Miami of Ohio for a couple of reasons. One, I've never played a dynasty with them, and two because they're one of the lower rated teams that's not in the bottom tier. I'll have house rules in place to make it a little more challenging for me...
  6. Schauwn

    Trading Block - FIRST POST

    We'll see if this works, but I thought it would be handy to have a single thread where we could post players that are available. Then, if you were interested in acquiring that player, you could PM the owner, thus hopefully keeping this thread clean of chatter. Lisbon is offering: P - Atan Inan...
  7. Schauwn


    My lineup as it stands at the halfway mark: SS Pancho Ninor - Really doing well for me as of late in the lead-off spot. Over the last week, he's been on fire: .417/.462/.583. I started him at 3B some this year, and his defense there was awful, but since moving to SS, he's really found his home...