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    Do Coaching clinics give away strategy?

    I've always wondered this question about coaches who in books, clinics, websites give away their strategy. Do they feel other coaches already know, do they think it doesn't matter (jimmy's n joes not x's and o's) or do they just give away info that is not a key to their success?
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    Question on 2 gapping

    I understand that a 2 gap defender is responsible for 2 gaps to the left or right of him pre play. But, doesn't he eventually become repsponsible for 1 gap after the play has been run? Example a NT resposible for A gaps to the right and left. If the play is run to the right and he diagnoses it...
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    What is a base defense

    I've heard people say they are 4-3,3-4, 44 base defense. I have also heard people say they are a cover 2, cover 3 base dense. Is your base defense your personel, coverage or both. And to say you are a cover two or tampa two base team what does that mean? Does it mean you call that play more...
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    Can someone explain series/sequential based playcalling?

    I'm really just looking for a more systematic way to playcall. I know Single wing, Wing t, ect teams run these types offenses. From what I understand they mainly look at who is making the play on defense and where. For example if the saftey makes the play for a 7 yrd gain they may run the same...
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    How do you attack Cover 2 robber

    More specifically Where the Free Safety is usered and really active in run game and pass. My thoughts are Pa 4 verts, and streak, flat, corner flood plays on the sidelines. In the run game unbalanced formations. Try to get a man advantage, also with option if you have mobile qb...
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    Multiple Formation Shifts Cheese?

    Online opponents that I have some of the toughest times defending are those that do multiple formations shifts presnap especially after no huddle. I always felt that formations shifts were pushing it but especially if its done multiple times after no huddle where you have the whole clock to...
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    Defending compressed 2x2?

    In all the years Ive played I have never really found a sound answer to this formation. How do you guys defend it? Espescially when your getting crossers to both sides. You get a flood on one side and the threat of strwaks up the seams.
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    Attacking secoundary heavy loaded boxes?

    Especially from my run first and prostyle guys. How do you deal with this. When a defense gets into dime or quarters defense but loads the box in c0, c1, or cover 3. How do you attack it. I like running power formations with good Te's that creat mismatches. However when people do this it...
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    Offense for dual threat rbs and Te?

    Im looking for offensr that features rbs in the passing game and that uses a good dual threat Te. Example Patriots or Saints. I was thinking of fsu fast break offense? Tried west coast but wasnt to fond of it. Your thoughts Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I777 using Tapatalk 2
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    Coach Mode Questions

    I'm thinking about switching to coach mode. 1) Can you play coach mode vs another player online? (Even if its auto pass way) 2) What are your house rules. ex: Only one audible per play, one hot route, ect 3) Are sliders difrent for coach mode in auto pass vs actual coach mode? 4) If Im playing...
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    No Huddle Prostyle Offense?(Oklahoma 2009)

    I'm a prostyle guy on offense. However I would like to add some tempo to my offense. Before I would only no huddle if the defensive personnel was mismatched. Latley, I have fan some spread no huddle and limit really takes some pressure off trying to maintain these long constant drives. Also it...
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    How do defend Digs ?

    Digs and drive concepts are killing. Especially against a stud wr. This play especially. If they put a stud wr as the single side wr. It automatically beats man and it seams no matter what zone I use that fake that it goes flat across the field my opponent just waits for them to clear...
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    Help me with my pass defense philosophy

    Here is my thoughts. My adjective is to play defense like smartfootball.com article on nick saban. Stop the run on run downs with zone blitzes. On pass downs play man coverage to get off the field. I want to force lower ranked wr to beat me !! How I thought about doing this based on ncaa video...