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Recent content by dongs

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    The 2020 perpetual OFFSEASON THREAD

    New blood like me!
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    BangBros Arena?

    "Ur" is the preferred nomenclature.
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    BangBros Arena?

    You cucks would love that.
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    2019 FIBA World Cup

    Ringer please
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    2019 MINSHEW

    He threw it then looked away. UNIMPRESSED
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    USA National Soccer (M & W) Thread

    Did you guys hear that the Gold Cup final wasnt broadcast live in Mexico? They had to watch the game on-delay, on-delay!
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    Derek Lowe? DLo Brown?
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    XFL 2018 thread

    Becuause the NFL is worth way more, and no AAF players make anywhere near that money. Boom! Summarily dismissed!
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    Playoffs and Bowels Thread

    JC Penny Ass Bowl
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    NCAA Tournament - What's your favorite Wisky?

    Justice Winslow is Chris Bosh when he yells
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    NCAA Tournament - What's your favorite Wisky?

    Jackson made a couple good plays Saturday and 1 or 2 tonight, but overall has just looked like a turnover waiting to happen. Duke flop.
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    NCAA Tournament - What's your favorite Wisky?

    LOL at defensive opaques, "ya he's good but won't do it against Kentucky"... "ya they beat Kentucky but he wont be drafted that high" And also lol at white guys thinking Wisconsin is playing for them.
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    NCAA Tournament - What's your favorite Wisky?

    ?? He's held his own on defense so far. Okafor is gonna get his points.
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    NCAA Tournament - What's your favorite Wisky?

    That was some really bad reffing all around. The 3 that got taken away from Wisconsin, the punch/slap in the face, the Dekker flop, the shot clock violation, and I also think Kaminski had position and had his arms straight up when he "blocked" Harrison. There was another foul on Kentucky (I...